How to plan your Destination Wedding on the Amalfi Coast
Gianni di Natale

How to plan your destination wedding?

Destination wedding are very popular nowadays and lots of couple decide to fly abroad to plan a dreaming wedding!

Thanks to the internet the entire process of the planning for the destination wedding seems an easy process, entirely manageable.

But complications may arise which could ruin your wedding plans and suddenly the process can turn in a very daunting time as you there are so many things to arrange for you and also for your guests.

It is extremely important to remember that planning a destination wedding means to be  in contact with a different culture, with a different language and with a very different way of approaching and working on a wedding!

To have a local support means to have someone who will guide you into a new world and make you save time, save money a save lot of stress! In planning your destination wedding you should start to work in advance as there are so many things to keep on track! It is necessary to give to your guests details in advance in order to give them time to arrange the trip!

For the very start of the planning process I do prepare a details list of things to do! And if you want to see the area before you decide it is the right place for your destination wedding, I’ll be happy to prepare a details site inspection program for you to make sure you can see as much as possible during your time in the area! Read more about my services.

In my experience as wedding planner here few of the aspects why you need a local support in order to have a memorable wedding experience.

Let’s take Uber!

Believe or not, on the area we don’t have UBER and our public transportation doesn’t work always on time! For this reason it is important to arrange in advance the private transfer to move around the coast!

I saw it on Google maps!

Where is your hotel/b&b/villa located? You can find it on the internet; you can see exactly where is located on google maps but…how do you get there? On the Amalfi coast, to reach some places there are hundreds of stairs!

Ciao Bella!

Not everyone speaks perfect English in the area and it could be possible that you lose a great supplier that way.

Our experience is that many suppliers, which we would consider below average, may seem actually good thanks to their English presentation. With us, you can rest assured that all the suppliers we recommend are professional and the in in what they do!


A wedding is also about the finance. It’s in your best interest that your finances are invested in the best way possible and that the end result is perfect and of course the supplier always reflect your budget. Without a local know how you can making mistake in evaluating the suppliers and venues! A local support as myself can guide in evaluating the best service value for your budget!

Yes I do!

Finally your wedding day! and it will be the result of months of work!

Loto of emotions will go on the day and having a local support will guarantee that everything will be perfectly planned and you can enjoy your time with your family and friends that flew to the Amalfi coast to celebrate your love!

My self and one more coordinator will be with you on the day, to make sure any details will be missed out!

Get in contact with me to schedule your free first consultation to start planning your destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast!


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