COVID and Destination Wedding: the impact on the Industry
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COVID 19 and Destination Wedding: the impact on the Wedding Industry

How the COVID 19 has impacted the Destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast? Is there any possible solution? Which will be the future for your destination wedding?

During the last months the virus has changed our lives . I can sadly confirm that the Covid 19 has dramatically impacted the destination wedding industry.
All the weddings for the 2020 season have been cancelled; part of weddings have been postponed to the 2021 and we are still living the uncertain.

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Now we hope to overcame this time and be invested soon by the good waves of hugs, smiles and travels.
Couples who decide to have a destination wedding is because wants to have a memorable experience. To plan an Italian wedding on the Amalfi coast means to have the incredible adventure of living the Italian allure. To cancel or to postpone a destination wedding day has been a very hard decision for couples as no one was ready to give up to their dream wedding.

As wedding planner,

to give the right support in driving the process of cancellation or postponement hasn’t been easy task. The Covid has changed the destination wedding plan and even if we are used to deal with reschedule, stress, pressure, this time the approach was completely different! The covid made destination wedding couple to give up to their dream without any possible solution and without any guilty! None of us have had previous references on how to move on this moment and make the wedding planner to discuss together with our couple to find the best solution.
We are still floating. Still there aren’t reliable informations on when the international barriers will reopen. Still we don’t know when will be possible to celebrate together again.

We are all experiencing the same and we are all together in this uncertain time.

Covid has impact the destination wedding industry. What will be the effect on the wedding day?

We are all questioning how the wedding will take place in the near future but of course no one knows. We do have predictions and the most common seems that we will have more intimate wedding because:

  1. we need to keep the social distancing! This is the first new rules for the future! It will lead us to create intimate wedding and to invite the people are important for you as couple.
  2. we might prioritize our inner values and focus on what is important for you as couple;
  3. we are more consciousness on how to invest your money. Couples want focus on creating exclusive experience and atmosphere for wedding.
  4. we want to be more sustainable and we want to treat our Earth with respect!

Eloping or to have a micro weddings is very chic and trendy and will help to to focus on each of the above factors.

I love to plan intimate weddings.
I love create wedding experience in which the romance and the love are the central point of the entire wedding.


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