Plan your elopement on the Amalfi Coast. New wedding trend after Covid 19

How to plan the best wedding elopement on the Amalfi Coast and the best tips on how to plan it at perfection!

Elopements now days carry a much different meaning than they once did. One of the main reasons couples used to elope was to keep their marriage a secret from family, because they didn’t approve. This is not the case in any way today! Elopements are SO much more than just running away or saving money. Let’s get real and don’t afraid to say that traditional weddings focus on family verses you while elopement shift the focus on you!

After many days os lockdowns, the world is slowly going back to a more normal life. In Italy is possible to get married again and we are all looking forward to the opening of the international barriers that will allow us to travel again and to plane our destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast. It is of course important to underline the fact the COVID 19 obliges us to keep a social distance and to follow different rules during event party. For this reason, to plan an elopement on the Amalfi Coast seems to be the new wedding trend for the coming years.

Here at Emma events we love elopement and intimate wedding and we are very happy to give our suppor to make an amazing experience for you!

Thank to our experience in planning elopement on the Amalfi Coast, we are very open to share with your few tips to make the experience stress free and beautiful for you!

Elopement on the Amalfi coast: hire a local planner

To plan a destination elopement on the Amalfi Coast is for sure easier comparing it to a big wedding but you still don’t have to underestimate the facts that you are planning it from afar and you deal with a different culture. My strongly recommendation is always to get a local wedding planner to make the all process and the wedding day a stress free and a memorable experience to remember.

Select the right location

Look for a space that is uniquely yours. For a truly intimate and unique celebration, choose to have it in a space that may have had a special and significant impact on your relationship and can contribute to create a beautiful memory for you!

Details matter

To have an elopement on Amalfi Coast doesn’t means don’t pay attention to details but rather is the occasion for you to focus on what you like the most!!! Think about the mood and the color you want and work closely with you wedding planner to make it happen!

Capture the moment!

Hire a professional photographer. It’s a Must do! It is important to capture the moment for your destination elopement on the Amalfi Coast because you can share the experience with your family and friend when you get back to your home!

Focus on your dinner

Plan a nice dinner for two! It is the first one as husband and wife and it is part of the experience! If you plan your destination elopement on the Amalfi coast you can choose between so many enchanting place that offer incredible view and delicious food.


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