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Destination wedding Ischia, one of the island of the Gulf of Naples

At Emma events we are opening up new horizons and we scout for you venues in Ischia. We been there to discover what this island has to offer to plan a memorable destination wedding ischia. We have prepared this blog article for you to let you know more about what this beautiful island can offer!

Ischia is a land of water and fire, sea and lava! This volcanic island of Ischia is the largest and most varied in the Gulf of Naples. 

Ischia is called the Green Island for its lush countryside and coastline; the island is famous for its therapeutic thermal waters, vast volcanic beaches, and excellent cuisine.

This quietly idyllic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, offers a heartwarming dose of Italian beauty, spirit and hospitality, with a generous splash of nostalgia for the Italy of yesteryear.

Its unspoiled beaches have long been popular with Italians and lately it is very appreciate also by international visitors thank to its less manufactured and more authentic personality!

DESTINATION WEDDING ISCHIA: 3 reasons why it is the perfect destination

  1. Island vibes! Ischia is the largest island of the Gulf of Naples! Even if it is a quite big island it is still possible to experience the typical vibes only the islands can offer! In Ischia there are many beautiful venues for you to choose for your wedding day! From a charming beach club, to a luxury hotel and special and unique venue as the lighthouse!
  2. Thermal bath. Ischia’s distinctive character stems from its volcanic origin, breathing vitality into its golden beaches and powering its renowned thermal springs. Each droplet in these therapeutic waters carries the promise of wellness and tranquillity, making the island a prized destination for spa and wellness holidays.
  3. Many extra activities for guests. Exquisite Gardens and Thermal Springs, Ischia’s Historical Landmarks, Charming Beaches, Trekking Adventures, Thrilling Nightlife and Shopping to make the experience for you and to you guests authentic and unique.

Ischia is an ideal destination for your wedding!


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