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  • Why should I get married on the Amalfi Coast?

    Italy is renowned for being the country of love and romance, and the Amalfi Coast is truly one of the most romantic areas in Italy. The perfect spot to tie the knot!

    The scenery is truly breathtaking across the entire Amalfi Coast; with its labyrinth shores of rocky crags and jagged cliff, its islands, its citrus orchards, olive groves and tiny villages and towns, the Sorrento and the Amalfi coast is an area of exceptional beauty and breathtaking views!

    On the Amalfi Coast you will also experience the warm hospitality, the delicious food, and good wine that will make your destination wedding weekend just perfect for you and your guests!

  • What make you passionate about being a Destination Wedding Planner?

    I love to build relationships with couples from all over the world and to give my support in planning one of the most emotional days in their life. I love to drive them into my culture and to share all the secrets of the area to make out the most memorable wedding experience!

  • How many wedding do you plan in a day?

    The right question should be: How many weddings do you plan in a week?
    I only take one wedding per week! This is because I do only work with international couples who decide to have their destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast and this allows me to solely focus on the needs of the couple the moment they arrive in the area.
    I do work with a cliente looking for high-end and exclusive services; to me it is extremely important to be at my couples disposal from the very first moment they arrive in the area until they leave to guarantee them the most joyful and stress free experience.

  • How do you envision my wedding day?

    The creative part is a process that takes time.

    I work closely with my clients to find out about the vision for their special day and to guarantee the wedding day will reflect their personality and own desires. I always give  my honest  advice to deliver an authentic and beautiful wedding day. During the months leading up to the wedding day, we will be in touch through calls and emails to know each other and to find out your ideas. Together we will define the final picture of your wedding day.

  • Do you offer packages?

    No, I don’t offer preset packages! I don’t offer standard tourist wedding packages as I strongly believe that each couple deserves a bespoke wedding that reflects their own desires and personality.

    As an independent planner, I have a personal approach to each individual client. I work with couples having a taste for exclusivity and high end services and who are looking for authentic and refined wedding experiences on the Amalfi Coast.
    I work closely with my clients to find out about the vision for their special day and to guarantee the wedding day will reflect their personality and own desires.
    Only professionalism and experience can provide couples the reliability, trust, and confidence of planning a destination wedding from afar!

  • Will be you present on the wedding day?

    Absolutely YES! To me it is extremely important to give my assistance on the wedding day to guarantee you to enjoy your wedding experience to the fullest!

  • Why is it important to hire a planner for my dream destination wedding?

    To plan a destination wedding is for sure  an incredible experience, but it is important to have a reliable wedding planner – and better if they are based locally to guide you into a new culture! To hire a wedding planner will ensure you enjoy the planning process without stress and saving time!

  • How many wedding meetings are included into your wedding fee?

    All the necessary meetings to plan your special day!

    If you plan your destination wedding you deserve to have the wedding you always dreamt of! My main goal is always to deliver a wedding that will reflect your desire and your personality, and I take all the necessary actions to let you live the wedding day you want.
    For this reason, I don’t work on pre-set packages and as each wedding is different from another one, I don’t have a fixed number of calls and emails we will exchange to plan your wedding. We will do all necessary to complete the proper wedding planning.

  • How much is your wedding consultancy fee?

    I don’t work on pre set packages. Instead the consultancy fee to plan each wedding is tailored and varies depending on the size of your wedding, type of ceremony and other factors.

    Elopement (up to 4) consultancy fee start from 6000€; Intimate Wedding (up to 20) consultancy cost start from 8900€; Micro Wedding (up 40 guests) cost 11900€; Large Wedding (up to 70 guests) consultancy fee start from 14900€.

    Feel free to get in contact with me to have a personalized quote to plan your wedding day!

  • Why should I choose EMMAEvents?

    My exceptional organizational skills allows my clients to relax and trust with confidence that I am fully committed to making their dream destination wedding a reality. Because I’m independent it enables me to offer my clients exactly what they want. I’m an English speaking, native Italian and I can communicate to the locals without any misunderstandings.

    I was born in the area and I know all the hidden gems & resources.


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