Zita & Pier Paolo

by Emma

Zita and Pier Paolo had their wedding at the beautiful villa Capo Santa Fortunata in Sorrento.
The food was a priority for the couple and for this reason we asked chef Peppe Aversa, 1 Michelin star to prepare a special dinner for their wedding reception.
For the fact the bride was Hungarian and the groom Italian, the chef studied and proposed a wedding menu in which it was a mixed of the two different culture!
Beautiful venue, delicious food made the day a big success!

Zita & Pier Paolo

Before meeting Emma we were not sure whether a wedding planner can be a good solution for us to best organize our big day. Although we knew it would have been a big challenge to organize the wedding in the Amalfi Coast from distance – we live in Milan - it seemed such a personal activity that it felt difficult to entirely involve somebody who hardly knows us. Indeed, other wedding planners we met gave me the impression that it is purely business for them and we did not feel like treating our wedding planning that way. Than we met Emma who has completely another approach, we had a nice chat to get to know each other better. With her open and friendly approach she made us feel very comfortable to start to discuss about our ideas of the wedding and we just realized we found the best person to help us!

And we started our great adventure, first with the selection of the location. We had a wonderful time to travel around the Amalfi and Sorrento coast with Emma who showed us the most amazing villas, restaurants and hotels in this area she knows so well! And finally she brought us to visit our place, a fabulous villa where we both felt from the very first second that this must be our place! She always had a wide range of proposals for us but only of the very best, starting from the florist, the hairdresser and make-up artist, babysitters, she works with the very best professionals of the area. Being such a needy couple we must have caused some headache to her with all our requests to explore the possibilities concerning even the smallest details, but instead, she was all the time creative and extremely supporting regardless of the type of the detail to work out. The thing that we liked the most about Emma is that we did not think about her as our wedding planner and she did not treat us as her clients but we had her as a friend who took care of everything. She even happened to be in Milan when I had appointments to try wedding dresses and she happily came with me to give me her support!

Emma’s big day though was exactly the wedding day. Even if we know that we organized everything with her help well before, that day she was absolutely amazing. She was present everywhere where needed, she handled an unforeseen change which actually turned out even better than expected for the preparation of the groom, she took care of everything so well that we did not have to think about anything but to enjoy the most wonderful day of our lives! And so did our guests, many of whom told us that this was the most beautiful wedding they have ever participated! Emma doubtlessly was essential and the best to support us to realize the wedding of our dreams! We cannot thank enough Emma for what she did for us to make every moment of this day unforgettable!


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