Wedding centerpiece with flowers

Amalfi destination wedding: how to elevate the tone of your special day.

Stationery & Calligraphy

The stationary is the first taste your guests have about your wedding day. It indicate the style of the wedding they will attend! To custom your stationery it is considered an huge way to elevate the tone of your Amalfi destination wedding day; it help also your guests to get prepared and excited to celebrate your wedding day with you!

Signature Cocktails

Food and drinks are a very important part of your destination wedding in Amalfi. Starting from the aperitif until the cut of your wedding cake let your guests live the best experience! Make a good selection of drinks, wines and cocktails to offer! Do you like the idea to have a signature cocktail personalized just for you two? I love this idea! Take the spirit you preferred, mix it with your favorite flavor and drink it!

Lightening and candles

Up lighting, twinkle lights, candles, flouting candles… There are so many ways to incorporate light at your destination wedding in Amalfi and make a magic atmosphere when the natural light end! The right light will make all details looks even more beautiful. It is important to think in advance with your wedding planner the best option to transform your weddings event!

Welcome bags for your guests!

It is a very nice idea to let your guests have the warmest welcome! The welcome bag can filled up as you like! With traditional Italian products, water, Italian biscuits or chocolate. You can add the program of your wedding week with all the planned activities. Let’s them be prepared to partecipate to your special day! Introduce to your guests the new culture and languages giving as present a funny Italian dictionary! Isn’t fun?

Personal touches

It’s all about small details that make your day feel more you destination wedding even more special! Create little corners around the reception area for your Amalfi destination wedding where guests can entertain themselves! Hiring a caricature artist or have an artisan making Amalfi sandals, unique wedding favors. Take time to envision your wedding table while imagine the reaction of your guests when the first see it.


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