Wedding ceremony in positano planned with a local wedding planner

Amalfi coast wedding planner: tips on how to choose the right one to hire!

From where to start to plan a destination wedding?
The approach to the destination wedding is very different from a local wedding and before starting, it is important to highlight few things to consider to choose for your wedding.
To plan an Amalfi Coast wedding represent a very good start for your wedding life together.
To hire e a local Amalfi coast wedding planner will turn the experience in a fun and enjoyable process! Here few tips on how to select your local Amalfi coast wedding planner.

Do some research for a local Amalfi coast wedding planner!

The wedding industry is a very competitive market and it is necessary to research about your potential planner!
If you are planning a destination wedding I strongly recommend to focus your research on planner that are specialized in planning destination wedding and know how to deal with different cultures!

Read about the selected potential planners

Before asking for a call/meeting, go deep on your research to understand who is behind a company name!
I think it is extremely important to reveal the values and to understand the approach of each of them to make your personal selection! Read about testimonials and follow the work on the social channels (here my IG ) to discover as much as you can and to perceive which can be the right one for you!

Is it necessary to interview more than one?

If you do a great research I don’t think this is necessary to have more than one interview because if you follow the work you are able to recognize in advance which is the right for you! Of course, before hire any, you need to have the call to confirm the good feeling!

Be prepared and Ask questions

Be in the call with your fiancée!
Use the call to confirm your feeling and to know more about the approach and how planning process will work! On your potential wedding planner website, look for the F.A.Q. to know more

Below just few questions for you as example

Do you have a certain number of call?
Do you work on exclusivity with vendors?
Are you present on the wedding day?
Do you only plan destination or also local wedding?
How many wedding do you plan una week?
How long have you been in the wedding industry?

Carefully read the contract

Make sure you protect yourself and work with someone who is professional and has experience!
Be sure the contract includes all the services related to the planning process and there is any specification about extras. Clearly read about the fee, deposit and VAT. Check the down payments deadline and always ask for your copy signed!
As per the historical moment we are all facing, read accurately the cancellation and postponement policy and if will be any extra fee in case of program changing without our control!
This is the only way to let you live a wedding experience without any worries with a local Amalfi coast wedding planner!


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